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Why Hire a Charter in the First Place?

Cost Effective

Charter fishing might just be one of the best bargains in the fishing world.  The average safety conscious angler who pursues big water gamefish will typically spend over $50,000 to own and outfit a decent big water boat.  This doesn't even count fuel, dockage, insurance, storage, licensing, maintenance and the high cost of a tow vehicle which could run the price tag to well over $100,000.  As you can see, owning your own big water fishing boat is awfully expensive and lets not forget all the hassles and stress that goes with the territory of boat ownership .  On the other hand it costs only a few hundred dollars to hire Trophy Specialists Fishing Charters for an entire day of fishing.  When the price is shared among the charter party, the cost can be surprisingly affordable.  Theoretically, you could take dozens of charters every year and still save lots of money when compared to fishing from your own boat.

Learn Cutting Edge Techniques and Tactics       

Every year dozens of experienced anglers who own their own boats take charters with Trophy Specialists.  These savvy anglers are simply looking to learn more about catching fish so they can be more effective and successful in their own boats.  Taking a charter is like attending a hands on fishing seminar.  You can learn about all the latest and greatest tactics for catching more and bigger fish.  You'll also see the practical use of leading edge equipment and tackle.  On most boats you can even practice setting lines and working the equipment.  Any captain worth his or her salt will gladly answer all your questions.  School is definitely in session on our charter boat.

Learn New Waters

If you've always wanted to fish a new port or body of water, or just want to learn more about an old spot, hiring the serves of a good charter captain is absolutely the best way to enrich your knowledge.  While on the charter, you'll learn the best spots and productive ways to fish them.  

A Great Gift

Everybody has a fisherman on their gift list.  The gift of a charter fishing trip may very well be the best present that they ever received.  Trophy Specialists has gift certificates available and is well versed in handling gift trips discreetly.

Why Choose Trophy Specialists?

There are many fine charter captains operating on the Great Lakes.  Sadly though truly competent captains make up less than 25% of the charter fleet and less than 10% are considered professionals and genuine experts in their field.  Trophy Specialists has earned a solid reputation as one of the top charter boats operating on the Great Lakes.  We offer our costumers a unique charter fishing experience based on leading edge, tournament tested angling know how.  Trophy Specialists simply catches more and bigger fish than most other charter captains ever dreamed of.       

Repeat business is perhaps the best way to judge a charter captain.  Over 90% of our customers return to fish with us again and again.  In fact, most of our new business comes from word of mouth.  We've also earned some of the best word of mouth publicity by getting recommendations in noted publications like Walleye Insider, Fur-Fish-Game, Salmon Trout Steelheader, In Fishermen, Michigan Out-of-Doors and many others.  We even list references in our website so you can learn more about us from folks that fished with us last year.  When you compare our professionalism, services, reputation, qualifications, skills, pricing and record, no other charter operation even comes close.


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Trophy Specialists Fishing Charters Homepage

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