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· Michigan Outdoor News Stories
· Lake Erie Walleye Articles
Michigan Live Outdoors

· Detroit Freepress Outdoors
· Fishing Knots
· Tips & Tactics From the Pros
· The Muskie Central Article Archive
· Luhr Jensen Tech Reports and Fishing Tips
· Lure and Crankbait Making
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This section contains links to pages that feature fishing on TV programs, video productions and radio programs.

· Midwest Outdoors
· Chip Porter's Great Lakes Fishing Made Easy
· Rob Trott's Great Lakes Outdoors Online
· Outdoor Magazine with Mike Avery
· Wolf Creek Productions

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Fishing Charters

This page contains links to the most successful and highly regarded charter operations in Michigan.  The author can personally recommend each and every one of these professionals in their field of fishing.

· Trophy Specialists Fishing Charters - Capt. Mike Veine- walleye, salmon, steelhead

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Fishing Chat and Forums

This page contains connections to fishing chat  and fishing forums for Michigan's anglers to converse in.

· Great Lakes Fishing Chat
· Walleye Central Chat
· The Michigan Sportsman Forums

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If you are looking for used "What Ever" then you'll probably have your best shot at finding it here.

· Michigan Ads Search Page
· Great Lakes Fishing Station Classifieds
· Boat Trader Price Checker
· Michigan News Papers with Classified Ads

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Fishing Clubs

Fishing clubs are the backbone of Michigan's fabulous sport fishery. With ethical leadership and critical stocking programs, our clubs have helped Michigan develop its fishery into its current world class status.

· Saginaw Bay Walleye Club
· The Lake St. Clair Walleye Association
· The West Michigan Walleye Club
· Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council
· B.A.S.S. Anglers Sportsman Society
· Michigan Fishing Clubs
· Wisconsin Fishing Clubs
· Ohio Fishing Clubs
· Illinois fishing Clubs
· Indiana Fishing Clubs
· Ontario Fishing Clubs
· Arenac County Walleye Club
· Manistee County Sport Fishing Association

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This section points avid anglers towards some of the best fishing destinations for walleye, salmon, trout and other species  in Michigan.

· Lake Erie Walleye Fishing
· Lake Huron Brown Trout Fishing at Rogers City
· Lake Huron Mixed Bag Fishing for King Salmon, Coho, Atlantic Salmon, Steelhead, Lake Trout, Brown Trout and Pink Salmon
· Saginaw Bay Walleye Fishing
· Lake Huron King Salmon Fishing
· Lake Michigan King Salmon Fishing

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Fish & Game Agencies

This section contains links to all U.S. and Canadian Fish & Game Agencies including licensing information and fishing regulations.

· Michigan DNR
· Michigan DNR Licenses.com
· U.S. Fish & WildLife
· Sea Grant
· Federal/Provincial Agencies
· U.S. Fishing License Information

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Fish Facts

This section contains lots of fish information for all the major species swimming in Michigan. Study the contents of this page and you will ultimately be a wiser and more successful fishermen.

· Trout/Salmon ID Guide
· Great Lakes Fish by Sea Grant

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Great Lakes Information

Following you'll find detailed Great Lakes temperature maps, wave maps, current maps, wind maps, weather and other data to help you plan fishing trips on the big water.

· Surface Temperature Maps
· MODIS Great Lakes Surface Temperature Maps

· Moon Data
· Great Lakes Hydrology (Water Levels)
· Great Lakes Surface Analysis by NOAA
· Great Lakes Water Levels
· Lake Erie MODIS Imagery

· Lake Huron MODIS Imagery

· Lake Superior MODIS Imagery

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· Jokes About Hunting & Fishing

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Fishing Links

This page contains links to interesting fishing pages that have linked to Michigan Fishing Information.

· Trophy Specialists Fishing Charters
· Trophy Specialist Taxidermy

· Michael R. Veine's Web Page
· Michigan Sportsman
· Project F.I.S.H - Friends Involved In Sportfishing Heritage
· The Steelhead Site
· Walleyes Choice.com
· Mark Sak's GreatLakesSportsman.com
· Insta Launch Campground & Marina
· Walleye Central
· Muskie Central
· MrRiver.com

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If you want to look into some highly regarded hard copy fishing magazines, then click away.

· Lake Erie Walleye
· Great Lakes Angler
· Bass Masters
· Lakeland Boating
· Midwest Outdoors
· Woods-n-Water Home Page
· Michigan Outdoor News
· In Fishermen
· Walleye Insider

· Outdoor Life

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Mail Order

Here are some noted mail order companies where you should be able to find what ever outdoor gear you're looking for:

· Cabela's
· Bass Pro Shops
· L.L. Bean

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Fishing Maps

Here are some river and lake maps that should help you find some fish.

· Surface Temperature Maps
· Earth View Sunlight Map
· Fishing Hot Spots Lake Maps
· Aerial Maps of Terrain, streams and Lakes
· NOAA Nautical Charts
· Topographic Maps
· Aeronautical Charts
· Aerial Photos

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Fishing News/Research

This  section contains fisheries news and research on various Michigan related fishing topics.

· Great Lakes Fisheries News
· International Association for Great Lakes Research

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Political Contacts

This section contains links to governmental contacts along with the web sites of our greatest enemies; the animal rights fanatics.

· Congressional E-Mail Directory
· Michigan Government Listing
· Extreme Animal Rights Sites
· PetitionOnline.com - Free Online Petition Hosting

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Fishing Products and Manufactures

Here are some top rate manufactures proven products that the author has personally tested and endorses:

· D&R Sports Center
· Luhr Jenson
· Lowrance
· Lund Boats
· Walker Downriggers
· Fishing Hot Spots Lake Maps
· ShoreLand'r Boat Trailers
· Vexilar - Marine Electronics
· Ever Lasting Slip Bobbers (ESB)
· Dreamweaver Lures
· Moonshine Lures

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Public Information

This information is public domain and is very useful for planning fishing trips.

· Michigan's Public Boat Launches
· Michigan DNR Stocking Reports
· Michigan DNR Campground and Harbor Online Reservations
· Michigan DNR Press Releases

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Outdoor Writers

This section contains the home pages of some of Michigan's most highly published outdoor writers.

· Michael R. Veine's Web Page

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Fish Recipes

This section contains some good fish recipes.

· Walleye Recipes
· Fish Recipes
· Just Game Recipes
· Cooking with SusieQ

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Record Listings

This section contains links to most state and world record keeping organizations.

· DNR Master Angler Records and Application
· National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame

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Fishing Reports

This section contains an arsenal of fishing reports from all corners of Michigan.

· Michigan DNR Fishing Report
· AAA Michigan - Fishing Report
· Michigan's Great Lakes Area Fishing Report (GreatMich.com)
· Fishing Reports Great Lakes Region-Michigan
· Great lakes Regional charterfishing report
· Lake Superior Tributaries Fishing Report
· Lake Link Fish Reports for Michigan

Lake Erie
· Lake Erie walleye Fishing Reports
Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Reports

· FishErie.com Angler Reports
· Fish Lake Erie report
· Maumee River Conditions

· Benzie County Fishing Report

Green Bay (Big and Little Bay De Nocs)
· News & Tips for Bay De Noc

· American Tackle Outfitters Daily Fishing Report

· Ludington/Pere Marquette Fishing Report
· Ludington Fishing Report
· Fish Ludington Report

· Manistee Fishing Report

· Manistee Salmon, Steelhead and Browns fishing reports
· Fishing Reports - Pier Pressure Charters
· Riverside Charters Fishing Report
· Killin' Time Charters Report


· Muskegon Fishing Report

Saginaw Bay and the Thumb Area
· Saginaw Bay Fishing Report
· Saginaw Bay Area Fishing Reports

Traverse City
· Grand Traverse Bay Fishing Report

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Resorts and Outfitters

This section contains resorts and outfitters that  the author personally recommends as quality operations.

· Trophy Specialists Fishing Charters

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River and Stream Information

This section contains stream information for the avid river rats.

· Western Michigan River Conditions

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Sport Shows

Here you'll find information on hunting, fishing, sporting , outdoor and travel shows in Michigan.

· Current Sport Shows Listings
· ShowSpan
· Target Communications

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Following are the most respected taxidermists in Michigan known for high quality work at reasonable prices.

· Trophy Specialist Taxidermy
· Jenkins Taxidermy

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Fishing Tournaments

Following are most of the major fishing tournaments held in around Michigan in addition, results and standings are also available.

· Great Lakes Fishing Tournaments
· Masters Walleye Circuit (MWC)
· Michigan Walleye Tour (MWT)
· B.A.S.S.
· Michigan Walleye Tournaments

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For the most complete weather and travel information, click below.

· Michigan Marine Forecasts
· Weather Underground Michigan
· USA Today Weather (US & World)
· Michigan Cities Forecasts
· North America Snow Cover Map
· Surface Conditions (coded)
· Legend for Surface Conditions
· National Wind Map
· Virtual Reality Moon Phase Pictures
· Solunar/Lunar Tables
· MDOT road construction

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Webcams - Real-time camera views of selected fishing areas are available here. Webcam views of your potential fishing spots is the next best thing to being their.  Allows you to evaluate fishing spots (waves, fishing pressure, weather) before committing to a day on the water.

· Webcam: Lake Superior
· Webcam: Monroe
· Great Lakes Webcams 
·  Brest Bay
· Toledo Harbor Light

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