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Michael Veine is a full-time outdoor writer and photographer.  He also owns and operates a Great Lakes charter boat and is a licenses taxidermist.  His bylines and photos have appeared in dozens of National and Great Lakes regional publications including Bowhunter, Michigan Out-of-Doors, Great Lakes Angler, Bow & Arrow Hunting, Deer & Deer Hunting, Gray's Sporting Journal, Wildfowl, Gun Dog, Wing and Shot, Bass Masters, Outdoor Life, In Fishermen, Fur-Fish-Game, Sports Afield, Buck Masters, Boating World, Salmon Trout Steelheader and many others.  In fact Micheal has had over 1,000 feature articles published in over 50 different print publications. Michael Veine's writing passions are archery deer hunting and fishing on the Great Lakes, however he is truely diverse outdoor photojournalist.  He has authored articles featuring hunts for caribou, bear, antelope, elk, rabbits, squirrels, waterfowl, grouse, coyote, pheasant and woodcock.  Fishing is much more than an avid pursuit for Michael, it's a borderline obsession.  As a charter captain and tournament angler, the water of Michigan are like his second home.  He's written fishing articles about walleye, chinook, coho, steelhead, brown trout, brook trout, rainbow trout, pike, catfish, crappie, bluegill, sunfish, lake trout , smallmouths and largemouths along with a few saltwater fishing pieces.  Michael has also done dog training, equipment, news, skiing, travel, boating and other miscellaneous articles.  Michael is happy to say, "I really enjoy my work; in fact, I sometimes feel like the luckiest guy on earth."

Solicitations for writing assignments, photography (slides or prints), taxidermy or fishing charters are highly encouraged:

Michael Veine
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Photo of Shrike taken by Michael Veine

Charter Captain

Charter fishing on the Great LakesCapt. Mike Veine has over 35 years of hard-core fishing experience on the Great Lakes and has a U.S. Coast Guard Masters license with commercial towing assistance and other endorsements.  In fact he is one of the most highly qualified fishing charter captains operating on the Great Lakes.  He's even qualified to captain ships.  Now how many captains can claim those kinds of credentials?  In 1997, Michael started up a new concept in charter fishing called Trophy Specialists Fishing Charters.  Trophy Specialists Fishing Charters does just what the name implies, specializes in catching the biggest, most prized fish that the Great Lakes has to offer. This is accomplished by targeting the hottest waters at their peak trophy producing periods.  Charters are offered for walleyes on Lake Erie and Saginaw Bay and for brown trout, steelhead, lake trout and salmon on Lake Michigan, Lake Superior and Lake Huron.  Bookings have been nearly 100% since launching Trophy Specialists with repeat customers running over 90%.  The word has definitely gotten out about his successful, action packed, high quality charters.   Visit his charter webpage at www.trophyspecialists.com.  


TrophyHigh Quality Taxidermy Specialist Taxidermy has elevated taxidermy to a new level in Michigan  Michael specializes in deer head mounts commercial and he really does them right.  He recreates deer heads to such a high degree of anatomical correctness that they actually look alive.  In fact, his finished mounts look so lifelike that you'll expect them to blink.  Michael has perfected the art of deer head taxidermy and offers a limited number of clients the best deer head and shoulder mounts found anywhere.  Mike performs all of the work himself including skinning, fleshing, tanning, mounting, finishing and detail work.  With the entire process done in-house, exacting standards of quality are maintained and the end product reflects an acute attention to detail rarely found anywhere else.  Michael limits his volume of taxidermy work thus ensuring some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.  Check out his taxidermy services in detail by visiting www.trophyspecialist.com.      


Webpage DesignerWebpage Designer and Publisher

With over 15 years of full-time experience as a computer professional, the transition to the world wide web was a rather natural process for Michael Veine.  He's a self taught web designer and webmaster.  During 1997 he developed and launched the Michigan Fishing Information website.  This extremely popular site offers a warehouse of fishing information and entertainment for Michigan's avid anglers.  Many people have reported that this is the most complete fishing web page on the Internet and it was recently honored in a publication listing the top fishing sites.  It certainly ranks as the most popular fishing site focusing on Michigan.  The site has received over 1,000 hits per day and has been visited by hundreds of thousands of folks since it's launch in 1997.

Just to prove that Michael does indeed have a sense of humor, he also owns and operates Tasteless Hunting and Fishing Jokes.  This webpage contains the largest collection of hunting, fishing and general outdoor humor found anywhere on the Internet.  If you like raw, uncensored outdoor humor and you're not underage or easily offended, then by all means go to this site at your own risk.

The Trophy Specialists Fishing Charters webpage is one of the most complete charter fishing sites on the Internet and Michael designed, wrote and maintains it by himself.

When compared to most other taxidermy webpage, Trophy Specialist Taxidermy shines heads and shoulders above the competition.  

A fine Michigan whitetail taken in the author's back yard.Background

Michael Veine was born and raised in Manistee county; a rural region in northern Michigan.  He graduated from high school in the late seventies and then several years later obtained a degree majoring in data processing with a business minor.  After college, Michael moved from Michigan to Flagstaff, Arizona and then on to Las Vegas, Nevada where he worked as a computer programmer.  During the mid-eighties, Michael relocated back to his home state of Michigan where he worked in the computer field under many different capacities until 1996.  Since then Michael has been self employed as a full-time, freelance outdoor writer, photographer, taxidermist and charter captain.  He now lives in rural Washtenaw county about 25 miles from Ann Arbor.

Michael has been with his wife Donna Veine since 1987 and in addition to helping with the charter and taxidermy businesses she works doing biochemistry research for the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  Like Michael, Donna loves to experience the outdoors to the fullest and is an avid hunter, fishermen and outdoorsman.  They have no children, however they do have a yellow lab named Harry.  Harry is a pointing lab that was born July 8, 2004.  They co-own hunting property and a deer camp in Delta County located in the south, central Upper Peninsula.  Their main goal in life is to eventually move back to Northern Michigan where they can carry out a lifestyle of outdoor recreation in the most beautiful place on earth.

Here is a website that contains photos of some of - Michael Veine's Whitetails.  

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