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Are Credit Cards or Debit Cards Accepted?

Yes.  Trophy Specialists accepts only VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.  We also accept debit cards too.  Credit cards are the preferred way to reserve your charter, but we do also accept checks for deposits too, as long as they are sent in promptly.  We can run your credit card at the dock for payments and even email or text you a receipt. 

Can we bring Marijuana on the Boat?

No.  According to the Federal law that governs charter fishing on the Great Lakes, marijuana is illegal regardless of state law and is not allowed on the boat.         

Is food included with the charter?

No.  You may bring your own food and beverages.  I don't know what food customers like or don't like, and I am not licensed to serve food.

Can we start the charter at a later time than usual like for evening fishing?

Yes.  Most charters start fairly early in the morning, however I will honor most requests for later start times, however if a client wants to start late, then if for weather reasons the trip must be curtailed, then the entire charter amount will be owed.  Sometimes afternoon storms or high winds occur and the Captain will not be eating any losses for curtailed trips due to late starts.       

Do I need a fishing license?

Yes, you will need to buy a license.  Licenses are available at department stores and bait/tackle shops at all of Trophy Specialist's port towns.  They can also be purchased over the Internet at Buy Fishing Licenses On-line.  If you are fishing for trout or salmon, you must purchase an "All Species License".  For walleyes, you can buy the less expensive alternative.  "One Day" licenses are good for all species and cost only $11.00, a real bargain compared to many other states.  Youths under 17 don't need a license. An Ohio license might be needed for walleye trips on Lake Erie. Ask the Captain prior to the trip if one is needed before purchasing one. 

What do I need to bring?

On the boat you should consider bringing the following:

Do I need to bring a rod or baits?

No.  Well maybe.  I provide top quality equipment for customers to use, however some folks like to use their own equipment and in most cases I don't have a problem with them using it; as long as it's proper for the situation.  If a customer chooses to use his or her equipment against the captains recommendation though, then the fish guarantee is off.  If you plan to try fly fishing for steelhead (yes this is possible), then you'll need to bring your own fly rod and flies.

What if we get skunked?    

Trophy Specialists has rarely been skunked, so the likelihood of drawing a blank is extremely slim, but if it does happen, a heavily discounted return trip will usually be offered.             

Do you have a toilet on board?

Yes.  I have a Portapotti and TP.

Who cleans the fish?

You have the choice of cleaning the fish yourself, taking the whole fish home with you or having the fish professionally cleaned for a fee. Optional fish cleaning services are provided at an additional cost either by Trophy Specialists LLC or a third party.           

Is tipping customary on charter boats?

Tipping is considered customary in most service industries including charter fishing.  Gratuities are a way to complement a service provider and are generally given in cash.  If you receive service that is beyond the standard charter fishing norm then you should seriously consider a good gratuity or you probably won't get that kind of service again on your next trip.  Many people have asked me how much a "normal" tip is for a charter.  While tip amounts vary a lot based on the quality of service given, it is commonly accepted that 15-20% is considered a "normal" tip in the charter industry.        

What if someone gets sea sick?  

There are several over the counter drugs available to treat motion sickness and also some powerful prescription drugs that work well.  If you have gotten seasick before or are uncertain if you are susceptible, then you should consider taking motion sickness medication.  If someone gets seasick, it is generally up to the customers whether to curtail the trip.  However, if someone vomits continuously or can't hold down liquids for a prolonged period of time, the captain retains the right to curtail the trip.  Sometimes, if the fishing is not too far from port, for an additional fee the sick person's) can be taken ashore and the charter can continue.  If the run is too long though, the trip might be over.   In all cases of trips shortened because of seasickness, even if the captain makes the call to curtail the trip, you still have to pay for the entire charter.

Can we drink "Alcohol" on the boat?   

Yes.  Alcoholic beverages are permitted, however drunkenness is not.  Also, at least one designated driver must remain sober on the boat.  If alcohol is abused on the boat, then the trip may get curtailed and the customer will still have to pay the entire charter fee.  Illegal drugs are not permitted on the boat and regardless of it's medical benefits, marijuana is not allowed on the boat under federal laws.     

How do we find your boat?  When do we meet?

After the deposit is paid, a trip planner and confirmation is sent to you via either US mail or email.  The packet covers all the details of your charters) including meeting places and times with directions and maps included.  We also make lodging recommendations.  

Is lodging included? 

No, we do not include lodging with our services.  We do however make lodging recommendations.  Some offer discounts for our customers.  Customers are responsible for making their own reservations and paying for lodging.

What if the weather or fishing is bad?

If the weather or conditions are unfishable, I try to contact my clients as soon as possible to hopefully save them from a wasted trip.  In any case, if a trip is called off by the captain due to bad weather or certain other reasons, the customer can reschedule the trip at their convenience based on charter availability.  Deposits, prepayments and gift certificates are non-refundable.    

Do you mix parties?

No.  Well sometimes.  On rare occasions when two parties both request a mixed party and the dates work out, then it's possible.  Otherwise, you have the boat and my services to yourself.

How many people can you take in your boat?

For quality customer service purposes, I limit my charters to four customers or a maximum of 1,000 pounds of combined customer weight, including the customer's gear, to avoid overloading the boat.  I do partner up with other expert captains on walleye, salmon and steelhead trips to satisfy large groups.         

What if we have a group larger than four people?

Trophy Specialists can run two charters in one day to accommodate large parties.  Customers can also charter two days in a row to get the whole group out on the water for some awesome fishing.  If those multiple trips are scheduled for a weekdays, then a 10% discount would apply.  We can also partner with other charter boats to handle large parties of people.     

What if someone wants to go in early, can you drop them off and go back out?

Sometimes.  If we are fishing close to port, it is not a big deal to head back in to drop someone off or even just to take a break.  However if the fishing location is far from port, then it is often logistically impractical to drop someone off.  The time spent running to and from port and taking breaks are considered part of the charter duration.   If someone wants to get dropped off early it may be necessary to fish close to port and in that case the trip may not be guaranteed.  A surcharge may also be applied to cover the added cost of ferrying people back to shore.

What happens if we catch our limit?   Can we catch additional fish on the captain's limit?  What about catch and release?    

First of all, when limits are taken on a charter everyone is generally awfully damn happy.  On some occasions the captain may want some fish on his limit.  Catch and release fishing means extra costs in time, fuel, bait and other expenses to the captain.  Therefore it is only allowed for repeat clients that have tipped very well in the past or for those that guarantee a good tip on that trip.    

What happens when one person catches their limit, can they still reel in more fish?       

Generally, customers take turns catching fish.  However since the vast majority of our fishing involves trolling, which is a genuine team effort, each fish caught, collectively, belongs to everyone on the boat.  So therefore, the limit is actually a boat limit.  For a person to be able to take a limit of fish, they must be actively participating in the fishing. For instance, if little five year old Johnny only reels in one fish and then he just wants to play video games for the remainder of the trip, then the trip is over once the rest of the party that is still fishing has their limits plus the one fish Johnny caught.         

Can customers set lines and set the hook?

Customer participation is encouraged in all facets of the charter.  However if a customer sets a line wrong or are otherwise negligent in their activities, then any resulting costs incurred will be charged to the customer.  

How do you fish, trolling or casting?     

The vast majority of Trophy Specialist's charters involve trolling tactics.  

How old do kids have to be to go on a charter?     

All kids are different in their physical and mental maturity.  Basically a child must be mature enough to be able to sit still in a boat for the duration of the trip.  There will likely be slack, boring times in the boat between action and a child needs to have patients, so as not to drive everyone else nuts.  Kids grow up physically at different paces.  I've seen 10 year olds that could catch huge king salmon with no trouble, but I've also seen 18 year olds that couldn't even pull in a small walleye.  You have to judge your kids physical ability, but as a benchmark, kids should weigh at least 90 pounds to go salmon fishing and kids should be at least 8 years old to go walleye fishing.  As a safety precaution against flying hooks, if the kids (or adults) are not strong enough to hold the rod tip in a safe position during a battle, then they will loose their turn on that fish to another angler.  If parents insist on having their kids pull in a fish even if they are not physically capable of handling the fish themselves, then the customers will be responsible for any lost or damaged equipment, but even then rod tips must be kept in a safe position.  All minors under 18 year old will be required to have their parent or guardian sign a waiver of liability before the charter.

Can we come in early before the scheduled duration of the trip is up?

I've had more than one person ask me this one.  Of course you can end your trip whenever you want.  

Why are we asked to sign a waiver of liability?

In 2005, the state of Michigan changed the laws regarding liability on state lands for businesses like charter boats.  The state now holds charter owners responsible for any and all liability concerning just about any occurrences pertaining to the charter activity.  The state has forced me to require a waiver of liability to operate from "their" facilities.  Also, with this sue happy world we live in, I want to avoid any and all costly civil litigation, so waivers of liability are now a fact of life that we will all have to deal with.

What happens if a charter is canceled?

If the customer cancels a charter or fails to show up on the scheduled date and time of the charter, then the deposit may be forfeited at the Captain's sole discretion.  The reason for the strict cancellation (or no-show) policy is because the charter season is too short for the captain to be able to afford the loss of business.  Many motels and airlines also have the same type of policies.  If a charter is cancelled by the captain due to bad weather or for other reasons, then the customer can reschedule the trip depending on charter availability.  Prepaid charter fees, deposits and  gift certificates are non-refundable.   

What happens if I want to reschedule a charter?

If the customer wishes to reschedule a charter then the more lead time given to the captain the better.  It is strictly up to the discretion of the Captain concerning the rescheduling of charters.

Can we book a half-day charter and then extend it to a full-day charter during the trip?

Yes and no.  If the captains schedule allows, then the trip can be extended, however extra hours of fishing are billed at $50 per hour.  If you want to get the 8-hour rate and level of service, then you will need to book an 8 hour trip.

I can't decide on whether to go on a 5 or 8 hour trip.  Can you advise?

If your party consists of 3 or 4 people, then a 8-hour trip is advised to allow you enough time to catch your fish.  For instance, sometimes on salmon trips, we will hook a big fish early in the morning that will take an hour to bring in, which really cuts into the number of fish possible to catch.  Also, on some trips, it may take several hours just to find the fish.  There is a much higher level of service on 8 hour trips too.  The longer fishing duration allows more options on fishing locations.  For instance, 5-hour trips are limited to closer proximity to port, so if the fishing is red hot further away, you will miss that action.  On some species, we allow catch and release fishing (limited to those that tip), but only on 8-hour charters.   The only advantage to a 5-hour trip is a little bit cheaper, but not much more.

Why do you charge extra for afternoon trips?

The morning charter is a full day's work for the captain.  An afternoon charter then goes into overtime and thus the price difference. 

Can we fish for perch if we limit out on walleyes or vice/versa?

No for several reasons.  I don't have enough storage space on the boat to carry all the rods/reels and tackle necessary for the two, completely different fishing techniques.  Also, perch fishing requires minnows and by law I can't buy minnows for my clients on a charter, so the clients would have to buy minnows if they wanted to try for perch and few would want to do that for the off chance that they may have time to fish for perch.  It would be a royal pain to try to keep minnows alive on an eight hour charter just on the off chance that we have time to fish for perch at the end of the trip.  It is two completely different fisheries and usually the locations just don't overlap.

Can we smoke cigarettes or cigars on the boat?

Yes but only in moderation, very carefully, in the back of the boat and when there are no fish on.  There are tight quarters on the boat and there will be non-smokers on board so respect should be given to those people by smokers.  Smoking should be limited to just a couple puffs every few hours on the boat.             



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